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Computer Usage

Students who have enrolled in a physics class at Somerset High School have the privilege of using technical equipment.  Laptop computers and electronic gathering equipment will be used throughout the year.  You and your group members are responsible for the handling of this equipment.  Each group will be assigned a computer and a LabPro unit.  If something does not seem right when you obtain your equipment, see the instructor!  Here is a list of some general guidelines when handling laboratory equipment:

  1. I will handle the electronic (or any) equipment with extreme care.   I will take care of the placement of all wires and cords so as I or my classmates will not trip over them.

  2. I will use the equipment as intructed by the instructor. 

  3. I will not eat or drink while perfonming a lab or when around laboratory equipment.

  4. I will not surf the Internet while performing a lab. 

  5. I will only print what is needed for the experiment. 

  6. I will not use the computer to finish a report for another class or print something for another class.

  7. I will not use the computer as my own stereo system.

While using the laptops, if prompted to use the Internet, I will do so in accordance with the Acceptable User Policy at Somerset High School.